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What Are the Cons of Wix Websites hosting?

Wix Websites hosting
Wix Websites hosting

What Are the Cons of Wix Websites?


In this digital age, companies and professions must have a digital presence. Users and customers utilise the internet, computers, and mobile phones to research products, services, and businesses in order to make online purchases and reservations, and to contact with businesses to obtain information or report any occurrences or concerns.

A website or online store is now a must-have for practically every form of business; nevertheless, web development can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Thanks to Wix, you can make a website or e-commerce page quickly, easily and affordably – all without the need for any experience in web design and programming.

What is Wix?

Wix is an online platform that provides a set of tools for quickly and easily developing professional websites. You may develop a website in a very short amount of time and with high-quality results thanks to pre-set features and a selection of unique themes.

What Are the Cons of Wix Websites?

  1. The beginning package does not remove advertisements from your website.

You should gain from advertising on your website, especially if you pay a price. The entry-level Wix package, which costs roughly $5 per month, does not eliminate Wix-based adverts from your site. To remove the ads, you must go to a different monthly plan that will cost more than most of the website building competitors that are out there Eventually.

  1. There are no unlimited plans.

Wix websites do not allow for limitless bandwidth or storage on any subscription. This also applies to the premium-priced business and commercial programmes.

  1. Designing using drag and drop might limit your creativity.

Although the website builder has greatly improved in recent years, there are still certain limits. Although you may drag and drop elements wherever rather than inside closed boxes, it can still be difficult to get a design to look and perform properly. In actuality, designing a site with Wix takes far longer than most people believe.

  1. The Wix App Store does not have many apps.

Adding functionality to your Wix websites is simple thanks to the available App store. The main issue is that the majority of the applications available aren't actual apps. You will be able to add I-frames to your website instead of actual functionality. These are simple to install and functional, but they aren't the perfect option that many would want.

  1. Wix makes SEO a pain in the neck.

Wix does include an SEO Wizard to assist you with content optimization, however the tactics provided are a little out of date. The majority of the emphasis is on keyword targeting, grouping, and ranking, with little respect for other components of current SEO. It may not be a deal-breaker, but it will be detrimental to anyone considering a long-term internet endeavour.

Wix website pros and drawbacks reveal that it is a good entry-level website builder that can help anyone get online. It may not be the most remarkable choice for expert users, and the fees may be greater than other solutions, but it does the job.

What are the disadvantages of Wix?

Although Wix has numerous advantages, there are several elements that make it unsuitable for the production of specific web projects.

Here are some of Wix's disadvantages:

  • It’s not Google friendly

Despite the Most Unexceptional efforts of developers to improve the platform in this regard, to date, Websites built using Wix do not rank as well on Google as those built with CMSs such as Woocommerce or PrestaShop, or web platforms like as Shopify.

Wix website positioning is quite difficult, especially if you want to rank at the top of Google results pages.

  •  Optimising load times

Another downside of Wix can be found in its loading speeds, as pages generated on this platform suffer from delays in loading, which negatively affects user experience.

  • Problems with mobile devices

Wix websites, despite using responsive templates, have several issues with mobile devices. The platform has been working to solve these types of problems which, so far, have made Wix a poor choice for mobile design.

  • Shared hosting

Although Wix hosting is free, it is a shared hosting solution in which server resources are shared with the other hosted sites. This causes extremely sluggish loading times and potential security issues (any problem that affects another user will impact other sites on the server).

  • Limited to one template

This constraint implies that if you choose and enable a template, you will lose all of your site content if you choose to change it later, severely limiting your options for updating and customising websites.

  • No options for migration

Wix websites cannot be moved to other systems or hosting services, like WordPress websites can. When you create a website on Wix, it will be linked to this platform.

  • Wix adverts

Wix's free edition includes advertisements on the website, which can only be removed by paying €8.50 per month.

Wix is a free, easy-to-use web-creation tool. It's an excellent solution for small enterprises and people who wish to launch an internet business quickly.

However, for somewhat more ambitious and professional projects, it’s Most Unexceptional to use other options like WordPress, PrestaShop or Shopify, given the many downsides and limitations of Wix.

Because the navigation menu cannot contain complicated substructures, it is not suitable for large websites (more than 30 pages). So the depth of navigation is just two layers deep.

You cannot use all of the functionality and features with the free version. For example, if you want to use all of the wonderful design components or have your own domain without Wix adverts.

You can’t implement your own design ideas For example, it is difficult to create distinct designs with varied unique user experiences on Wix. Starting with Wix is simple, but once completed, it is difficult to add a personal touch. There is no mechanism to export your data from Wix if you wish to switch platforms. Wix claims to be working on it, however for the time being, you must manually copy and paste all information and data to your new website.

For a newcomer or a student, it might be difficult to purchase premium services and functionality. Wiz is 20-25 percent more expensive with premium subscriptions than other website builders, especially if you expect to use it for more than a few months.

Due to the high ease of use given, there is a lack of absolute control and complex functionality. It’s tough to customize everything. Although they have introduced drag and drop capability, making big modifications to an existing site on Wix may be difficult. Furthermore, following encryption, Wix changes the picture file name, which might be a negative in terms of image searchability.

Not the most SEO-friendly platform. It's OK if you have an excellent lead generating strategy through word of mouth or social media. However, if you want your site to flourish naturally, it may take some time. Wix claims to have significantly improved it by including complex SEO strategies such as 301 redirects, etc., but it remains to be seen how successful they are for a blogger working with high competitiveness keywords. Wix also demands a basic understanding of computers and the internet. One of the best alternatives among Wix's premium plans is an unlimited plan, which costs about.

372 rupees per month. You will have limitless bandwidth, 10GB of storage, Premium support, and the ability to personalise many aspects. This is the Most Unexceptional way to start without knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, and coding.

Verdict: Is Wix A Good Buy?

I believe by the time you get to this stage, it will be evident that I believe Wix is a decent website builder. It checks a lot of the correct boxes in its primary role (the mobile site editor is a nice addition), and it can be used to swiftly construct sites.

Furthermore, there is significant value-add with the additional features and marketing tools. This is something that would allow new site owners to broaden the reach of their site without requiring too much technical knowledge or additional money. However, there are a few of major drawbacks to this site builder that prohibit me from recommending it without reservation.

The fact that you're stuck with Wix is the first and foremost. The inability to relocate your site is a significant turnoff for me. This is a long-term issue that is difficult for new (or even seasoned!) site owners to assess. Next, while I acknowledge that all of these extra features are nice to have, for someone who understands what they're doing - you're investing in Wix at somewhat hefty recurrent fees. Take for example their lowest plan at $4.50 a month – that’s what you’d pay for web hosting with much more resources than Wix offers.

As you go through the list of benefits and drawbacks, it becomes clear that Wix is a short-term gain – long-term suffering solution. Of course, for some individuals, this won't matter, but in my opinion, if you're prepared to put in a little effort to learn about self-hosting WordPress, for example, you’d save as much as double (and likely more)